Summer 2020: Ways for Kids to Give Back

Hurray, school is out! …Now what?

Kids in Northwest Indiana have a little extra time on their hands and a well-deserved break. Beyond video games, camping trips, and summer reading – what can kids do this summer? Why not give back to the community? Your children can discover the joy of giving while developing their education and physical health.  Here is a list of volunteer activities for children. These ideas can easily be altered depending on age and ability. Your children get much more than they give when they learn how to make a difference!

This summer isn’t a typical summer; many things remained closed due to the pandemic. However, there are still plenty of ways you can inspire your children to give back to their community.

  • Write a letter: Your children can practice their English writing skills and artistic talents by writing and sending cards. Perhaps they can send a letter to an elderly relative or a colorful card to a sick child at Riley Hospital for Children. Another idea is writing a thank-you note to our brave men and women in uniform overseas. You could even go one step further and send a care package with the letter.
  • Neighborhood Service: There might be someone who needs help right next door. Perhaps check in with older or sick neighbors and see if they need any help in their yard. If no one comes to mind, why not clean up trash in your neighborhood park? Your kids will get great exercise with this kind of volunteerism!
  • Volunteer at a Nursing Home: Do you have a friend or family member in a nursing home? Call to see if there is anything you and your child can do to help. In summer 2020, it might not be safe to visit. Call ahead and see what kind of restrictions are in place. If the nursing home doesn’t allow visitors or volunteers, your child can always place a phone call. Maybe even sing a song!
  • Rummage Sale: Cleaning out your house of extra toys and clothes and putting them for sale shows kids the value of money and makes for a great math and economic lesson. Make sure your kids are involved in the process and deciding what they can sell and helping them come up with a price. Then, donate all the money to a charity of their choice. If there are any walks/runs that are operating this summer, that is another way to spend the rummage sale money. These walks are fun, too, and great exercise!
  • Donate: Take the remainder of the rummage sale and donate items to Goodwill, a local shelter, or organization.
  • Food pantry: Help your kids collect food for your local food pantry. Make sure to see what kinds of food they need and accept. Perhaps go one step further to see if you and your child can donate your time to help clean, stock shelves, or serve meals.

Do you have any more ideas on how kids can give back this summer? Write them in the comments! If you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to share it on your social media.

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